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Chang Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a distributor of hydraulic equipment products for Sumitomo-Eaton, Dyden, and Matsui, which has been in the domestic ship and machinery industrial market since the early 1980s.

Chang Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. has contributed to the industrial development together with partners by selecting and supplying advanced hydraulic equipment to various fields such as deck machinery and fishing equipment for domestic ships, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and steel facilities. Furthermore, we are supplying marine equipment including ISUZU engine for small vessels, and introducing and exporting domestic hydraulics and related equipment to overseas partners.

Chang Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. strives to discover and support various product lines with partners to meet customer needs.

CEO message


Welcome to Chang Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd.

We sincerely thank our customers for their support and encouragement.

Since its establishment, Chang Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. has been working hard to provide its customers with the best products as a satisfactory service as a partner with domestic and foreign professional manufacturers.

Chang Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. is the Korean agent of hydraulic equipment manufacturer (Eaton (Vickers), Mitsubishi, Dyden, STF Hydraulic, Yufeng, Matsui), the marine diesel engine manufacturer Isuzu and ship equipment manufacturer (Yamamoto Kiko, Holland marine parts). We provide hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and marine diesel engine, ship equipment to the customers with professional partners in various fields 

We will do our best to discover and supply necessary products and provide technical support for each industry so that it can become a cornerstone of industrial development. And we promise you that we will do our best to help you thrive by faithfully playing the role of a company with better products and services.

Chang Hwa Industrial Co.,LTD. CEO

Choong-Hyun Kim

July 1, 1998

Established Changhwa Industry Co., Ltd.

August 1998

Korean Agent with Sumitomo-Eaton, Dyden, Matsui

July 1999

Headquarter office extension work

December 2001

Eaton Korean Agent

December 2005

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Korean Agent

June 2006

Yamamoto Kiko Co., Ltd. Korean Agent

April 2007

Shanghai Yufeng High Pressure Oil Pump Co.,LTD. Korean Agent

June 2009

STF Hydraulic Ltd. Korean Agent

April 2012

Isuzu Marine Engine Korean Agent

March 2017

Holland Marine Parts Korean Agent

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